Picking a new paint color for your home is often challenging. Will the color be as nice-looking in my house as the swatch of paint looks under the lights in the store? Is it too dark or too light? Is there a tint in the color that I don’t want? What colors compliment this color? These are just some of the questions we have when we spruce up our homes. The same may be true for selecting a new carpet or flooring for your aircraft. Will it look good with the current color scheme? Do I want to try a different color? If so, what color should I consider? Well, we can help. We offer free samples of the floor options we have for kits for your aircraft. There are three types of carpet and a vinyl flooring option -all of which include several color choices. Just “Request A Sample” from us – it’s free! Then you will have the color in hand to place in your aircraft and help make the final decision!