Aircraft Air Handling Hose

aircraft air handling hoseaircraft air handling hoseaircraft air handling hose






SCS Interiors, in conjunction with our sewing of custom products, makes Aircraft Air Handling Hoses in a variety of lengths. The hoses are made in one continuous length to the specifications of the customer. There are no heavy connectors to add several lengths together thus removing weight and added steps for the use of the hose. This hose is easy to fold and unfold, does not stiffen in cold weather, fits compactly into a designated storage area, and is easy to handle. The benefits of the hose reduce risks of injury to the users from former models that are difficult to handle. The ends of the hose are made to the specifications of the unit which is utilized to connect to your air supply and to the aircraft. The hose may be made with or without insulation, depending on the environment and weather where it is used.


Because of all the customization for this product, call SCS Interiors at 218-728-1614 to order this product.